The Supreme Court

Professor Harpaz

Fall, 2006



Oral Argument Evaluation Form


Name of Student _________________________


Name of Case _______________________________________________


Counsel for ________________________________________


Grade for Oral Argument ________


I. Substance of Argument (40 percent of grade) (includes how the advocate framed the issues for the Court, choice of recurring themes to stress in oral argument, substantive accuracy, and effective use of available authorities and policy arguments)









II. Responses to Questions (35 percent of grade) (includes substantive accuracy and effectiveness of responses, ability to distinguish between inappropriate and appropriate concessions, willingness to answer instead of evading questions, and ability to move from answering a question back to advocate's affirmative argument)










III. Quality of Advocacy (25 percent of grade ) (includes persuasiveness of style, voice, tone, mannerisms, looking the Justices in the eye, not reading too much, and professional demeanor)