Question I (graduation prayer) (30 points)
 Lemon test-secular purpose, effect not to advance religion, no excessive entanglement(2 points)
 Endorsement test - no purpose to endorse, no effect of endorsement -----------------(2 points)
 issue is like football prayer case-whether prayer attributable to school or student------(2 points)
 school arg-Lemon applied- purpose to honor top student, effect not to advance religion(3 points)
 prayer not official part of grad, speaker not elected, chosen by grades not popularity--(2 points)
 no guidelines given to speaker, rev by principal is not approval of content--------------(2 points)
 no appearance of endorsement-those attending know remarks are views of student----(2 points)
 private speech so no limit on content-can proselytize, include sectarian prayer---------(2 points)
 Johnson arg-Lemon-secular purpose, but effect is psychological coercion as in Lee----(3 points)
 endorsement- knowledgeable observer will know history of prayer at graduation-------(3 points)
 attribution-official event, student on program-2nd yr, advance knowledge of principal---(3 points)
 principal reviews-power to censor so refusal to do so is approval of religious content---(1 points)
 not a pub forum-not available to others; no disclaimer of endorsement of religion-------(2 points)
 miscellaneous--------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 point)