Tort Actions

    1.  Trespass - entry onto property in the possession of another without authorization or consent

    possible defenses - authorization, consent, implied consent

    2.  Intrusion - 1) intentional intrusion into a private place, conversation or matter; 2) in a manner highly offensive to a reasonable person

    possible defenses - no reasonable expectation of privacy, not highly offensive

    3.  Public Disclosure of Private Facts - 1) public disclosure; (2) of a private fact; (3) which disclosure would be highly offensive to a reasonable person; and (4) which is not of legitimate public concern

    defenses - no public disclosure, not a private fact, not highly offensive, newsworthy

    Both intrusion and public disclosure of private facts are invasion of privacy causes of action.  There are a total of 4 such causes of action; the other two are presentation of the plaintiff to the public in a false light and appropriation of image or personality.