Question III (30 points) (Gay and Lesbian Awareness bulletin board)

Teacher speech at issue - issue of public concern under Pickering/Connick?--------------(2)
Is speech official duty speech and therefore not protected under Garcetti?---------------(3)
Pickering/Connick balancing test - balance teacher’s interest vs. school’s interest--------(4)
Is bulletin board a designated pub forum to which teacher has a right of access? ---------(3)
Limited public forum-only teachers & by subject matter & not w/in subject/TPM reg?----(3)
Is limit reasonable in light of nature of forum or impermissibly based on viewpoint?-------(3)
Is bulletin board a non-public forum and only a place for the school’s own speech?------(3)
Whose speech? School speech subj to control by principal or teacher speech as citizens?(2)
If non-forum, like Hazelwood, reasonable pedagogical objectives for removal?----------(3)
If not forum-must be reasonable and viewpoint neutral, but removed because of viewpt--(2)