Professor Leora Harpaz

Western New England University School of Law
Spring 2017

Sample of Web Resources for Law Students

This listing of web resources is designed to introduce you to some of the resources available on the web that are aimed at law students. Many of them are geared toward beginning law students. It is not intended as a complete list, but just to get you started.

Advice on How to Succeed in Law School

Advice For the Law School Class of '09: Ten Key Principles That Will Help You Succeed by Professor Vikram David Amar -

Law School - Materials for Success by Professor Barbara Glesner Fines -

Strategies for Success ( -

Dear Tiffany: Here's How You Can Succeed In Law School by Katie Thisdell (National Jurist) -

General Introduction to Law School

The Incoming One-L FAQ by Charles Glasser -

and can be also found at

What Makes Law School so Different for Many New Law Students by Amy Jarmon -

The Five-Minute Law School: Everything You Learn in Your First Year, More or Less by Professor Michael Dorf (FindLaw) -

A Beginner's Guide to Legal Education by Professor James Elkins (archived by Wayback Machine) -

Transformation of Self by Professor James Elkins (Archived by Wayback Machine) -

Preparing For Your First Semester Of Law School  by Professors Brown and Grohman - CALI (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) Podcast -

Dealing with Stress and Time Management

Law School and Stress by Professor Barbara Glesner Fines -

Ten Stress Busters by Amy Jarmon -

Time Savers for Home and School by Amy Jarmon -

My Three Best Tips for Time Management Awesomeness (The Girls Guide to Law School) -

Making Time When There Seems to be None by Amy Jarmon -

Reading Cases, Briefing Cases, and Class Preparation

How to Read a Legal Opinion by Professor Orin Kerr (11 Green Bag 2d 51 (2007)) -

Ten Instructions for Briefing Cases by Professor Paul Bateman -

How to Write a Case Brief for Law School (excerpt from Introduction to the Study of Law: Cases and Materials, Third Edition (LexisNexis 2009) by Michael Makdisi & John Makdisi) -

How to Brief a Case (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) -

How to Brief a Case (LawNerds) -

Briefing Results in Better Learning by Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau (Suffolk) -

Preparing for Class by Professor Barbara Glesner Fines -

Classroom Preparation by Professors Alan Chen and Celia Taylor (Denver) -

Preparing for Class (Villanova) -

Socratic Method

The Socratic Method -

The Socratic Method by Elizabeth Garrett -

The Socratic Method -

The Socratic Method: Why it's Important to the Study of Law (Wash U) -

Note Taking and Classroom Learning

Effective Note Taking in Class -

Effective Note Taking in Class (San Diego) -

Tips and Techniques for Taking Notes in Class (Georgetown) -

10 Dos and Don'ts for Note Taking in Law School -

Study Groups

Should You Join a Study Group? -

Forming Effective Study Groups -

Surviving 1L: Should You Join a Study Group (The Girls Guide to Law School) -

Study Groups -


Create an Outline for Each Class -

How to Make a Law School Outline -

Outlining -

Creating a Course Outline by Herbert N. Ramy -

Preparing for Exams

Preparing for Exams by
Professor Barbara Glesner Fines -

Do's and Don'ts of Exam Preparation -

Library Resources to Help you Study for Exams by Susan Boland (University of Cincinnati Law Library) -

Taking Exams

Tips for Students Taking Law School Exams: Why Students Tend Not to Be Able To Demonstrate the Full Extent of Their Knowledge, and How They Might Do Better by Professor Vikram David Amar -

Writing Law Examinations by Professor John H. Langbein -

Kent Syverud's Taking Law School Exams Lecture (65 minute video and related material) -

Taking Multiple Choice Exams by Professor Rogelio Lasso (Washburn) -

Law Dictionaries

The Free Dictionary - Legal Dictionary -

The ‘Lectric Law Lexicon -

Legal Glossary -

Research and Writing

Ten Easy Steps to Legal Research -

Legal Research and Writing Tutorials (Georgetown) -

Ten Tips for Success on Legal Research and Writing Assignments -

10 Tips for Better Legal Writing by Bryan Garner -

Legal Writing: Ten Tips from the Trenches by Elizabeth Yeargin -

How to Get an "A" in Legal Research and Writing (forum discussion on -


Course Outlines (NYU) -

Internet Legal Resource Guide Law School Course Outlines Archive -

Outlines (LawInfo) -

Bar Exam Outlines (Stanford) -

Outlines & Exams Listed by Subject (FindLaw) -

Sample Exams

FindLaw for Students: Law School Exams -

Harvard Law School Annual Examination Archive -

Past Exams (University of Dayton) -

Exam Archive (University of Kentucky) -

Exam Archive Links ( -

Outlines & Exams Listed by Subject (FindLaw) -

General Sites

FindLaw - - and particularly FindLaw’s resources for law students -

Law School Toolbox -

Jurist -source for legal news -

SCOTUSblog - the best U.S. Supreme Court website -

The ‘Lectric Law Library’s Study of Law Study -